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The story he told was that it was a distress sale for a friend, and that the banjo was one of 1000 limited editions and had a solid silver tone ring, and was worth at least twice the price. Of course she did a beautiful job with it including turning its blond color into a brunette! vega banjo identificationvega banjo identification January 31, 2022 . post . vega banjo identification. For several years, the Vega Martin banjo was an amalgam of parts from Massachusetts and Nazareth, PA. Old 6 digit Vega serial numbers persisted on a yellow sticker on the inner pot until production was moved to Pennsylvania in 1972. I really appreciate your orientation. Answer: Tu-Ba-Phone 5-String made 1978-1979. Do you have any additional information you could share regarding this instrument? When C. F. Martin Co. bought the Vega banjo line in May of 1970, hundreds of parts were inherited from the Needham Heights factory near Boston. Hopes this helps and thanks again for the detailed pictures. Not quite as universally imitated as, say, Stradivari's violins or Martin's dreadnought guitars, but close. Subject: Help with ID of Vega Banjo please. Please try again. If it has a wooden pot resonator, remove it and check the inner rim for identifiers. I have 5 different stringed instruments that just keep finding me, and I was nervous to take it apart so I could look at the serial number. So cool to have this historical data. The inside of the banjo is also blank except for the painted serial number 2207. It has almost all the hallmarks of a stock model VIP banjo. By my count, Martin made 16 V-45 banjos that were 5-stringers, 3 plectrums (V45-P), and one (V45-T) tenor model. Martin built only 29 model T-2 instruments which were a reproduction of the classic Tu-Ba-Phone No. Barry, Samantha Thanks for the extensive and helpful photos of your above banjo. It retailed for $345 in the 1971 Vega Martin price list. The other 9 were likely shipped to Canada or Japan for assembly after 1977. Thanks Again! Barry, Eddie- Thanks for your query and kind comments about the website. It did not have a tone ring or simply a steel ring like the Wonder, to keep the cost down. The Vega Vox model was a 4 string gem that featured a brass tone ring. It was one of the last batch of fourteen Wonder 5-stringers made in the USA before C.F. Martin acquired Vega. This classic and ornate Vega series dates back to the 1920s but did not appear in the 1970 and 1972 Vega Martin catalogues. nike nationals track and field backpack; 0 comments. cscl star vessel flag autism and narcissism differences. Hope this helps and thanks again for your post. Im mostly a guitar player. It looks like a well-preserved and fun mid range banjo waiting to be enjoyed by an appreciative musician like yourself. The Pro II model was advertised in the 1966 Vega catalogue with an up-graded and fancy mother of pearl inlay pattern as seen on your banjo. 10" Rim. Barry. The Pro-5 does not appear in the 1976 Vega Martin catalogue. GREAT FORUM. If you need photos I can take a few and send them to you on a subsequent time. These were followed by banjos #9-14 which were Vega Vox-4-P plectrums per Shop Order 2088. The tiny screws adjacent to it are an adaptation by the Vega franchise to afford fine-tuning of the side-to-side alignment of the neck. Fred- Thank you for the detailed photos of your instrument. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Although the Martin Company did not manufacture Vega banjos till a century later, a solitary banjo from the mid 19th century is appended to the exhibit to display parallel innovation in the instrument because of its increasing popularity during that era. The VM price list in 1971 quoted a sales tag of $545 for the Pro-5 without case. Barry, Marc- Thanks much for the prompt and telling photos. I play it weekly (weakly) on Monday nights at restaurant in Anaheim, California and love its sound. The Vega White Oak Banjo is ideal for achieving the classic clawhammer and folk, with bright tone and distinct note clarity and weighs less than 6 lbs! They are 230, 243, 353, LVII (57?) Barry. The highly ornate Vega Vox IV banjo with serial number #1969 was the final officially documented banjo manufactured by C. F. Martin in Nazareth, PA. , circa 1978-79. Martin briefly built a lightweight tenor banjo between 1923-26 to compete with Vega and other manufacturers whose heavier and more popular banjos had greater tone, volume, and sales. My estimate is that your vintage instrument is worth $1500-1700. It is the first martin-vega I have ever seen in person, or had in my hands! post id: 7593773670. posted: 2023-02-27 00:34. The banjo listed for $556 in the 1971 price list without case. From the BRC, Barry, I inquired on Banjo Hangout about information on a Vega banjo acquired from a friend. (BTW, foradditional postings select Vega Martin Stories on the homepage menu or enter Vega Martin in the search engine. My estimate is that the banjo might be worth $500-$700 depending on condition. The serial number is stamped in the wooden rim below the Martin decal. Your F-VIP (Folk-Very Important Player) banjo #1456 was manufactured in Nazareth, PA, in mid 1975 in a lot of 3 such instruments per Shop Order 2274. 2 Tu-Ba-Phone XL is seen in the 1976 catalogue. Of historical interest, when Martin initiated its own four digit serial number system in 1972 to replace the Vega six digit system, banjos SN 2-5 were the V-45(5) model. What is it worth today, and what did it sell for when new? 1969, probably initially at the 40 Leon Street factory the Needham Heights (just before the sale to Martin). FAIRBANKS BANJO MANDOLINE. Your other VIP-5 with SN 1766 was assembled from parts sent to Japan in 1977 when the Martin company had its difficult luthier strike. Can`t find anything about it on line. The resonator back and sidewall colored engravings are probably the key feature that might bring more value than lessthere were two likely designs at this time a tiffany-style web pattern with a floral vine on the side (first used in 1930) or the late 1940s Indian blanket Art Deco design.I have an original 1948 model that has the older style neck, with the new resonator designso , its a mixed bag during this time as Vega was experimenting with parts off the shelf when banjo sales were extremely low (maybe 20 per year) and their focus was on guitar and ukulule production instead.Pricing for 4 strings (and 5 strings) have dropped considerably over last 2-3 years for vintage banjosVoxes have held more than others. Barry. While the Martin factory in Nazareth, PA, retooled to build banjos, interim yellow stickers were affixed to the inner rims of Boston banjos citing the merger and identifying the model of the instrument (which was inscribed by pen). Great sound and in excellent condition. VIP is printed on the truss rod cover. Martin, and the line was discontinued in 1975. It is veryinteresting that it has the non-ebonized finish on the peghead cap, whichcoincided with the move production to Nazareth (adopting stained rosewood asthey used on the guitars). I have 2 Martin Vegas. It is a top-of-the-line banjo that was paired with the reissued D-45 Martin guitar as a marketing strategy. According to the factory logbook, banjo # 481 was one of eleven PS-5 banjos made per Shop Order # 2155 by C.F. The Vega serial number files still available do not specify the specific models of banjo manufactured in Massachusetts. Of note, my Vega Martin VIP-5 banjo built in 1975 also came with a `Care of Your Banjo` memo dated 8/26/71 and a warranty that instructed the owner to call 215-759-2837 and ask for Mike (probably Mike Longworth who was C.F. Unless refinished, the decal on the back alsomakes it post-1972. He was told that it was made by Martin, but I do not find any Martin labels. Eric- Thanks for your kind comments about the website and prompt photos. I would like to know a little more about it. The PS-5 is not seen in the 1976 Vega Martin catalog but is replaced by the No. ANTIQUE S.S. STEWART UNIVERSAL FAVORITE BANJO with INTERESTING HISTORY C $146.35 . Just wondering if you have any interesting data on this ax. The back of the peghead of these rare banjos is imprinted with a C.F. I would love to be able to date this banjo: SN 999 as a decal under the Martin logo inside the rim with the Martin logo decal on the back side of the peghead as well. Your VW-5 resonator banjo is not to be confused with its cousin the open back FW-5 model Folk Wonder which retailed for $280. I have two Ode long neck banjos, and one of them is my daily practice instrument because of its wife-friendly tone. From the BRC, Barry. Your comments about the color tone differences of Vega/Boston vs. Martin/Nazareth resonator banjos are curious, and I do not have an accurate answer for it. From the BRC, Barry, Only a handful of Martin/Vega banjos made it down to Australia. Hopes this helps. It is number E-5 in a limited edition of 16 instruments made in 1976. All the best, Barry. Id like to echo previous comments and thank you for a great, great website, chock full of useful information. This instrument debuted in 1952, and featured a single cutaway body, a distinctive "fire stripe" tortoiseshell pickguard, and a pair of thin blade-style pickups . Shop today! With the original Hardshell case and the rare Earl Scruggs Tuners or de- tuners if you will. 1519. Id love to learn more about it, etc. Also, I can send pictures, if this would help, or just be fun! ), though, as said earlier, neck and rim look a lot like Martin quality. what I know about banjos right now I learned from you!! I have photos.Serial No. It is in pristine condition and is clearly a very high quality instrument. Ending Thursday at 9:33PM GMT 2d 23h. vega banjo identification. The V-45 appears on the cover of the 1972 catalogue, and it was billed as our finest Bluegrass banjo in the 1976 catalogue. I think it is a Pro-5. $260 USD. As C.F. Like my dad, I am a musician and physician and treasure his professional and avocational memorabilia. After 20 years, the wear and tear on a refinished instrument may reduce the value further. The five number labels were found in banjos made from 1962 through February 1964, involving serial numbers A10300 through A12400. The finish was shaded mahogany, and the metal rim parts were nickel plated. Thanks for posting the information on Martin mage Vega banjos. P.S. Have a bunch of pics I can forward, any particular area to focus on that would help? Buy VEGA Banjos and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Some C.F. Thanks for sharing your fascinating banjo with the BRC, Barry. Again, thanks for your post. This did include the instalment of a Fiberskyn head to mellow down the tone somewhat, of a geared 5th string tuner, and of a (very nice) tailpiece to replace the chrome plated Waverly (everything else nickel). Im curious to know if it is possible to learn whether this banjo came from the factory with a resonator or was originally sold as an open back. One of the 2 rods inside rim is a larger diameter then the other one. It looked like it belonged on a Gibson. 721 which I have had a number of years. Your 5 stringer is cited only as Item VDX75C in the 1979 TMC catalog where to retailed for $475. The earliest reported is F&C #1000. It look and plays great. Data from these logbooks are available per e-mail request from the BRC founder. Vega Long Neck Banjo $5,399.00 Vega White Oak Long Neck Banjo 11" from $2,599.00 Vega Kingston Trio Tom Dooley Long Neck Banjo $15,599.00 Vega Woodsongs Campfire Long Neck Banjo $2,399.00 Sold Out Vega Professional 19-Fret Tenor Banjo $7,499.00 Vega Kingston Trio Long Neck Banjo $6,299.00 Vega Kingston Trio - Bob Shane Plectrum Banjo These three top-of-the-line instruments were sent to Japan for assembly. Original MRSP $1310 without case (carved neck was also extra). Your instrument SN 448 is one of 11 Pete Seeger extra long neck (PS-5) models manufactured in Nazareth, PA, in 1973 per Shop Order 2153. You are so kind to provide this great info to all of us banjo geeks. The larger connecting rod inside the pot is a spare part inherited from the Boston days of the Vega company. It also features the four digit SN imprinted into the outside of the holes in groups of three tone ring, clearly done before the plating, and visible only when dissembled. I have had the opportunity to do this only once for a friend who traded some vintage parts with me for an old flange that I had by serendipity on my workshop shelf. Ive got a couple of pictures in case of interest, but Id need a mail-address for sending, me supposing. sir- need some help. From the BRC, Barry. The Martin Co. sold the Vega franchise to the Asian conglomerate `Galaxy Trading Company` in 1979, and thereafter Vega banjos were manufactured in South Korea. aluminum variety, one slim one large, with the larger one closer to the head. Vega Martin banjo SN 324 was manufactured in Nazareth, PA, in early 1973. Martin did not publish suggested retail prices after 1971, but I would estimate the V-76 sold for around $7-800 with case. If in poor condition, Ive seen them sell as low as $3000-4000. VT2NRC in its 1979 catalogue, and Galaxy went bankrupt in a few years. Zero fret wear. According to the C.F. I was fortunate enough to visit the Needham factory (actually a cement-block garage-like building) in the mid-late 1960s and saw some early VIPs under construction. The 1968 Vega catalogue described the Pro II appointments as including a bell brass tone ring with exclusively designed audio apertures, a ten ply wood rim, a three-piece maple neck, a resonator of curly maple, a notched brass tension hoop, nickel-plated hardware, and a shaded mahogany finish. Jim, Jim -Thanks for your query. What a wealth of information! I just acquired a second, SN#990 with the dog-bone tone ring. I admire the amount of effort youve put into helping the community of banjo enthusiasts I ve got serial # 129 , a 22 fret ,27 scale plectrum in for a set up..any info.about date of manufacture,potential value, and other pertinent details would be appreciatedthanks.. BRC Banjo Replies:July 14, 2016 at 1:13 pm, Darryl- Thank you for your kind comments about the BRC website. In your e-mail, you mention being told when acquiring the instrument that it was a prototype design. Your Wonder-5 string banjo #(Martin)130097 was made in Boston in early 1971 after C.F. The back of the headstock is blank. C.F. 96.90 postage. Any ideas on contacts for such a beast? Martin built only 22 such instruments which featured a brass tone ring, gold-plating, an engraved tail piece, an ebony fretboard, and a mahogany neck. The Martin Co. dropped the 6 digit serial number system in mid 1971 and then began again with #2- #1945, although a few special banjos up to #1969 were produced. Remo Frosted Top Banjo Head, 11 Inch Diameter, Medium Crown (7/16 Inch) $19 USD. Martin workshop log book, your V-45-5 serial number 327 banjo was manufactured in Nazareth, PA, in early 1973 per Shop Order 2138. How do you date a banjo? Is this generally true, can one instantly recognize a Nazareth vs. Massachusetts by the stain color? Deering purchased the Vega franchise in1989 restoring the line to greatness. Martin & Co. Organisation, NEEDHAM, MASS. It looks like the banjo is in ok/decent condition. Perhaps a bit more cutting. The Vega No.2 is a banjo made of top grade curly maple stained light amber and buffed to a high gloss. Photos , BRC Replies To Samantha (November 23, 2019), Reply From Dr. Ron (the BRC Vega Vox/EddiePeabody consultant). The SN 1456 on the outside of your tone ring is a fascinating and new discovery to me, and we VM banjo owners should inspect our tone rings for this hidden marking the next time a head gets exchanged.

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