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SWAB Technology is a self-sustainable technology to treat sewage water.

  • In this technology, treatment occurs via natural methods such as filtration, sedimentation, nutrient uptake by plants and microbial action in a constructed system which is filled with gravels.
  • Use of plant species with their root system along with the natural attenuation processes can be combined together to get the SWAB Technology. The system is based on use of specific plants normally found in natural environment with filtration and treatment capability.
  • It is one such technological solution, which can be easily implemented in cities as well as in rural areas for treatment of wastewater.


The SWAB technology is recommended for decentralized plants with varying capacities of 5 m3/day to 8-10 MLD. It is a special constructed wetland for the purpose of decentralized wastewater treatment and conservation of fresh water bodies. The system is based on the specific plants, such as Elephant grass (Pennisetumpurpurem), Cattails (Typha sp.), Reeds (Phragmitessp.), Cannaspp. and Yellow flag iris (Irispseudocorus), normally found in natural wetlands with filtration and treatment capability.